Beifa Group

Goods Trading Center

China Stationery Trade Center, to build China's stationery industry's most influential trading center, build a whole category of globalization, all-round, all day Hou curtain call text Fair "for the vision to" build a first-class platform for first-class service, first-class benefits "business purpose" to create value and benefit-sharing "for trading standards, bringing together China and Asia's most high-quality stationery, style, culture (referred to as the" three "), brand-name suppliers, through OEM, ODM, OBM, B2M, and a variety of business models and the spot (QSP), orders and forward orders transactions, through line trading, online trading, international trading, domestic trading and export trading, import transactions, stock transactions, forward transactions, exchange traded, OTC, cash transactions, financing transactions "for the global retailers, distributors, enterprises and e-commerce platform offers a full category, serialization, multi-brand, students, office gift business and the "full stop" service to meet the needs of different countries and regions, different formats and different customers, management, mass orders, services to mass customers. At the same time supporting quality control, quality control, logistics, customs clearance, tax rebates, insurance, finance and foreign exchange services. In addition, the center also publishes the major product categories within the industry transaction data and trend analysis reports and trading index.