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"Folder", "file management box", "document information package" the drafting and revision of industry standards meeting 12 March 2011 held in Shenzhen. China Light Industry Federation, China Stationery & Sporting Goods Association, China Plastic Stationery, Educational and Sports Goods Association Professional Committee of the National Standardization Center stationery, China test detection technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Qi Xinwen with, Deli Group Co., Ltd., extensive Group Limited company, Miki Holding Group Co., Ltd., Guangdong Hualong Stationery Co., Ltd., Sakura (Fujian) Packaging Stationery Co., Ltd., the Swiss Education Group Limited, Shantou Zhao Sheng Stationery Industry Co., Ltd., manufacturers a total of 8 of 22 delegates to the meeting. The meeting was preparation for China Stationery & Sporting Goods Association, and with the National Standardization Center stationery held jointly issued a document. Association vice chairman and secretary general of plastic stationery professional age six Liu chaired the meeting. Quality standards for China Light Industry Federation, Deputy Director of Beijing Liao often introduced to the delegates of three industry standard project and plans to issue the declaration of the situation, the Association introduced the Deputy Secretary-General yuan Tianxiang standard on the principles and overall framework, special committee Secretary-General Liu age six on three industry standards and program of work progress of the revision of the arrangements made, the National Standardization Center stationery engineer Yaode Kang explained to the delegates, "the preparation of that" preparation of the content and main points. At the meeting, representatives of the three criteria revision of the system very seriously, standard work schedule for serious discussion of the drafting group to determine the industry standard form, and to three standard definition and scope of comments and recommendations reached by the in-depth discussion consensus. Participants of the meeting's host, Ltd. Shenzhen Qi Xinwen with support and well-arranged to express my sincere thanks.