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Same Desire Brings Us Together, Change Makes Us Stronger- Beifa Group Held the 2018 Beifa Group Annual Meeting and Advanced Recognition Conference

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On December 29, Beifa Group held The 2018 Beifa Group annual meeting and advanced recognition conference under the theme of "Same Desire Brings Us Together, Change Makes Us Stronger". Qiu zhiming, the chairman of Beifa Group, delivered the 2018 annual work report at the meeting.

In 2018, Beifa Group has preliminarily completed the strategic positioning adjustment of the enterprise from the billions to the ten billions. The group has carried out multi-directional operation and mechanism innovation, and has achieved good results in marketing, manufacturing, research and develpment, domestic business, new base construction and other aspects. In 2019, Beifa Group will make full efforts to build and realize "State-level Cultural and Creative Industry Complex" from "One Goal, Two Cores, Three Tasks, Four Transformations, Five Major Tasks, Ten Special Tasks" and other contents.