Beifa Group

Rights Declaration

Recently,Beifa Group has discovered that there are unscrupulous manufacturers,using Befia trademark and patent to produce and sale products without permission.Beiifa now solemnly declare as follows:
  A、Beifa group was founded in l994,alter l5 years’ has become one of the most fast growing and well—know brands as well as the most creative and influential enterprise.
  B、Without permission of Beifa Group,using Beifa’s trademark and patent to produce and sale are considered as an oIIence of Beila’s intel lectual property rights,which seriously damage to the legitimate interests of the Company.Beifa Group have the right to require all the un scrupulous manufacturer and distributor immediately stop producing and selling infringement products.Beifa Group will take appropriate legal measures concerning the seriousness of act to seek legal actions against unscruDulous manuIacturer.
  C、Users are welcomed to report the phenomenon of impersonating Beifa’s trademark and patent.The trademark and patent can been checked on the website http://www.beifa.tom. The reporter will get a reward of 5%-10% of the money involved in Criminal Case once has been con firmed.
Hereby declare!
Complaining methods:
  Tel: 86-13958329708 Tel: 86-574-86186069
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