Beifa Group




Classic family business
>> Start an undertaking from a pen factory which only have 30 staffs;
>> Became the first "Mobile stalls" when join in the Cotton Fair first time
>> Establish the Ningbo Beifa stylistic technology Travel Goods Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
>> Sales amount exceed the sum of Shanghai four pens companies for the first time
>> Renamed the "Ningbo Beifa Office Supplies Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Professional family business
>>Establish the boss position in National Pen manufacturing industry;
>>Donated "Beifa Hope Primary School" in Taijiang County, Guizhou.
>>Donated millions yuan products for flood relief;
>>Establish the first research center of manufacturing industry-Beifa Pen manufacturing Technology Center;
>>Formate the first bonded factory in Beilun District, Ningbo.
>>Set up sales offices in Los Angeles, fully enter the overseas market;
>>Establish a strategic supplier relationships with WAL-MART, TARGET other The world's top 500 enterprises.

Professional family business
>>Establish the first provincial pen manufacturing research centre-Zhejiang Enterprise engineering and technology center;
>>Officially renamed "Ningbo Beifa Group Co., Ltd.
>>Awarded the "National key high-tech enterprises" by National Science and Technology Department Torch Center.
>>Awarded the "Zhejiang famous brand" by Provincial People's Government.
>>Became the pen sponsors of Shanghai APEC meeting.
>>Gel pen are bring in "National Key Torch Plan Project".
>>Awarded the "China Pen King" title by the China Pen Manufacturing Association;
>>Awarded the "Technology Innovation Award" by USA TESCO.

Transformational family business
>>"Beifa China Pen Manufacture City" fully commissioned to become the world's largest single pen production plant;
>>Gel pen included as part of the Ministry of Science and Technology  "Excellent Torch Program";
>>Won the European TESCO and "Global Best Supplier Award";
>>Awarded "China Top Brand";
>>Precision nickel-copper-nickel alloy written into the "National Key New Product";
>>Renamed "Beifa Group Limited".
>>Awarded the "National Inspection-Free Products" and "China Export Famous Brand";
>>Writing instruments sales exceeded 1.4 billion, ranking first in Asia and third in the world;
>>On the List of "The Most Competitive Potential 100 of Chinese private Enterprises Brand".
>>Success counterclaim the first case of intellectual property rights in the United States-"337" intellectual property rights cases;
>>Awarded CLOBAL SOURCING "Top Supplier Award" and the OFFICE, DEPOT "Global Product Innovation Award ";
>>Awarded Ningbo City to foster China Stationery meritorious unit;
>>Won the Special Award of the "Advanced Enterprises of National Light Industry Quality and Efficiency";
>>Sponsored the FIVB World Grand Prix;
>>Joint 8 Ningbo stationery to UNICEF donated 1.47 million yuan of stationery;
>>Contract hire "Super Girl" for brand endorsements.
>>To be the 2008 Beijing Olympic licensed manufacturer, licensed retailers and stationery sole supplier;
>>Awarded the "Commerce Department focus on fostering and development of the brand", "Chinese Pen Ten well-known brand";
>>Beifa gel pen, whiteboard pen enterprise technology standards up to national industry standards;
>>Qiu Zhiming, chairman named "Harmonious China - Top Ten Influential People" and the "first ten Yong Busnissman";
>>"Tilt ball-point pen" was awarded "China Red Star Design Award";
>>Named "Harmonious China-National Honor demonstration unit";
>>Won the Olympic case "for the" China brand building cutting-edge Prize;
>>Awarded the "brand Golden spectrum - Chinese sports industry top ten brands";
>>Chairman Qiu Zhiming was elected of the China Stationery & Sporting Goods Association and vice president;
>>Officially Renamed "Beifa Group Co., Ltd".
>>Donated 6 million yuan worth of stationery products to the Sichuan earthquake disaster area students;
>>Awarded the "2008 Beijing Olympic Brand Contribution Award ";
>>"Tilt the fluorescent marker" was awarded the "China International Patent & Brand Expo Gold Medal";
>>Become a "National Pilot Innovative Enterprises";
>>Chairman Qiu Zhiming awarded one of the Ningbo "Entrepreneurship and Innovation" Famous Person in 30 years.

Social family business
>>Support Education - donated a care package the first batch of a total of 16 846 to 54 schools in Sichuan earthquake disaster area;
>>Excellence achievement- awarded the "new China the 60th anniversary of Ningbo with achievements of enterprise";
>>"National innovative enterprises."
>>The BEIFA trademark by the State ICBC Administration identified as a "Famous Chinese Trademark"
>>Set up a second batch of national enterprises and IPR demonstration unit
>>Beifa Group to contribute to the poverty-stricken areas of Yushu, Zhouqu and Guizhou matter nearly one million.
>>The Beifa successfully held the "letter - faith, trust, confidence, charm football happy Beifa - Beifa Carnival Night of the World Cup in South Africa"
>>Won the "second batch of the national enterprises and IPR demonstration units".
>>The Beifa Group involved in the August 17 by the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, Zhejiang Morning Post today launched the "Love in Zhejiang - a care package project" activities.
>>Beifa first PET material pen KB168000 (commonly known as "bottle pen") success off the assembly line to fill the blank of PET material in the production of pens.
>>The establishment of the Beifa Group Marketing Center marks the the Beifa marketing system to build the organizational structure to adapt to the business of the supply chain to complete.
>>The Beifa was Honored choosen "advanced units of the National Light Industry Information Enterprise".
>>"Hydrocarbon plastics in a poly screen printing process" patent won the Silver in the 19th National Invention Exhibition.
>>Beifa stationery supply chain cooperation projects - high-end gift signings cum opening ceremony was held. Beifa stationery supply chain projects - high-end gift pens, awards an annual output of 100 million high-end gift pen manufacture specialized factory.
>>Beifa stationery supply chain operations, service providers QSP spot business model, global investment grand start in Guangzhou, China Station (first stop), global investment marks Beifa stationery supply chain operators QSP spot business model was officially launched.
>>The theme of "change the way each other partners, and seek common development and win-win cooperation" Beifa Chinese stationery supply chain operations service providers 2010 annual supplier conference held in Ningbo, nearly 200 representatives of the supplier Jia Rubei made ??stationery supplieschain.