Beifa Group




Dear all:

Firstly, I wanna to thank you for your concern and love,hereby, I want to show my great appreciation to you on behalf of the whole group of Beifa.

The development of Beifa has experienced vicissitudes as well as glorious. Beifa has developed from traditional family business to socialization enterprise. The company has successfully transformed the business mode from single product manufacturer to one stop service supply chain supplier. The target of Beifa is to “providing customers all line products and one stop stationery supply chain service, providing professional, unique and fast service according to upstream customer needs. Uniting suppliers of different products and formulating standards and rules of the supply chain industry to better service customers.

Looking to the future, my colleague and I insist to provide “Chinese stationery supply chain operator”. We will treat every achievement as a new start to continually breakthrough the bottleneck of the enterprise development. Talents from different field are welcomed by Beifa to form a strong team which can face tough challenges and can lead Beifa to a further step. We attempt to provide opportunities for employee, value for customers and contribute to the society as well as to the Chinese stationery reputation in the world.

In the future, we sincerely hope that friends from different fields will support and help us as before. We believe that we will do better!